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HD IP Security Cameras and Access Control


We’ll Take Care of Your Business’ Security

So You Can Take Care of What Matters Most

Your Business


Every business owner worries about break-ins, shrink, employee theft, productivity levels and supply chain management.

A trusted security system from J & K Telecom affords peace of mind and multiple benefits:


• Future-Proof Integration - Adapt To the Changing Demands of Any Security Need and Upgrades


• Cost-Effectiveness – Crime Prevention Saves Money Not From Deterring Criminals but Can Lower Your Insurance and Keep Your Neighborhood Safe


• Crime Prevention – Save Money and Time from Costly Break-In Repairs


• Easy, Worry-Free Installation - J & K Telecom LLC Will Fully Inspect your Building and Set up Your Equipment Efficiently and Securely in all of the Right Places


• Less Time Consuming – Use Your Phone and Computer to Monitor Shrink or Criminal Activity on the Go


• Know What’s Happening 24/7 - Access Live Internet Video of Your Business from your Computer, iPhone or any Other Smartphone, and Tablets

• At the Forefront of Technology, J & K Telecom LLC Gives you Peace of Mind.


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