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We know your business and know what it takes to keep it running.


With over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, our technicians are factory trained, licensed and experienced with all of the latest technology.


We service all of Louisiana and Arkansas and are proud members of the West Monroe West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce and the Monroe Chamber of Commerce.




"I wanted to personally thank you for the savings and hard work that you provided Bulk-Pack with our new phone system. The savings are significant where our ROI is less than one year. This is a huge leap in technology that will help us collaborate better between our remote offices including our Mexico production plant. For our customers, they will now be able to call into a central location to find the person they are looking for. As much as I travel, the follow me-find me system and voicemail to email systems will be a huge help for me to provide faster service. You are a very hard worker and I would recommend you to any company that is in need of not only cost savings with phone bills but could use a more up-to-date system."

William Mintz (President/CEO, Bulk-Pack Incorporated)




"This letter is in reference to Jules Chauvin and the staff of J & K Telecom and the great service they have rendered to U. S. Soldiers Foundation. We had lost a telephone line through an accounting error which was going to cost the foundation thousands of dollars in contributions. Through the astute services of Jules Chauvin and his staff, they were able to traverse a mine field of bureaucratic obstacles and regain the services disconnected, and in particular, regain a telephone number lost to the foundation that had been used since the creation of our organization. In doing so they saved the foundation a small fortune in reprinting costs for our brochures, contact services nationwide, and reconnecting us with our supporters across America.


It is with great pleasure that I write this missive in appreciation of the services rendered to the U.S. Soldiers Foundation by J & K Telecom LLC. We consider them as partners in the future of this campaign to help returning soldiers and their families recover from injuries sustained in defense of the American people."

 Larry W. Jeane (Pineville City Marshal)




"Jules, the new phone system works great. The service is excellent. Your professional installation was timely. We are very pleased with the phone system and your work."

Ken Smith (DeViney Construction)




"Thank you for the very professional job that you have done so far in replacing, upgrading, and general problem solving on our phone system. You were more than prompt in your work and made me happy that I gave you the chance to "prove your worth". I will be more than happy to be used as a reference on future considerations for new or upgrading of phone systems.


I wish you the best of luck in your future business."

 Tom Baker (The Toggery)




"Mann-Fleming appreciates the fast and efficient service we received when we purchased our telephones from your company. You helped set up our customer phone information and worked with us on all our needs.


We hope you enjoy your new office."

 Ken Tisdale (Mann-Fleming Machine Works, Inc.)




"I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Jules Chauvin, of J& K Telecom. I have used Jules's services on a number of occasions, and found his work to be efficient and effective.


Having agreed the scope of the work required, we established a time frame and budget Jules completed the work on time, and within budget and we are delighted with the results. He completely rewired a mangled mass of wires, updated our phone systems software, programmed and trained our personnel on how to best utilize the features of our phone system, and all this on a system that we have used for 5 years.


I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Jules Chauvin, and we will certainly be calling on him again as the need arises. Please feel free to contact me regarding this recommendation if required."

 Ron Phillips (President, National Optical Company, Inc.)



"You recently sold our firm an NEC SL 1100 telephone system and completed the install on November 05, 2013. The install was professionally completed by you and your personnel to our satisfaction. As with any new communication system we went through a learning curve as to its operation and features. You provided as much attention as we needed to get through that period. We also appreciate your continued ongoing support service as we have had to fine tune the system to our needs. You have always been prompt in your response time when called upon. Jules, thank you for being there for us."

 Patrick Ellington (Office Manager, Frank Nettles Automotive)




"I want to thank you again for the service you have provided my office. Your experience and service has been instrumental to my business. The new phone system you installed for my office is second to none. The new phone system has made doing business with my customers a lot easier. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future."

 Richard Anderson (Allstate Insurance)




"I have known Jules Chauvin and J & K Telecom, LLC since December, 2013 at which time Jules met with my controller and me to discuss the possibilities of a new phone system utilizing VOIP. After that meeting it was decided to engage J & K Telecom to provide the system and the services.


The work performed by J & K was done timely as well as professionally. I have been tremendously pleased with the service and support that I have received through J & K Telecom and Jules.


With the installation of every system there comes a time of tweaking to get the system up and running utilizing all of the new features. Every support submission made to Jules was handled professionally, timely and most of the time while I was still on the phone with him. He worked tirelessly to try to satisfy my every need.


I am very pleased with my professional connection with Jules and J & K Telecom, LLC. I look forward to our continued and valuable business association."

 David Castleman (President - Payroll Plus, Inc.)




"In late 2013 we purchased a NEC SL1100 telephone system from you. The telephones were ordered and installed promptly. You have been very helpful in setting the phone system to our specifications. As we have used the system we have needed to change our settings frequently and you have always been here almost immediately whenever called.


We are very happy with the phone system and the service you are continuing to provide us."

John H. Sullivan (Bamburg Steel Buildings, Inc.)




"It is with great pleasure to acknowledge Jules Chauvin, Jr of J & K Telecom LLC with this certificate of dealer appreciation.


This certificate is awarded to those individuals who exemplify professional dedication to their customers. Jules works tirelessly to provide outstanding service and support by offering financial solutions through NEC Financial. It has been my pleasure to help him and his customers afford state of the art technology to grow their business.


Congratulations on your success and I look forward to our future professional relationship."

 Janet Moro (Account Manager - NEC Financial Services)




"I and the entire staff of Teresa's Flooring and Decorating would like to thank you for your excellent service. We are in a similar business as yourself, we offer services and products to consumers that go beyond them paying for it and the transaction being complete. We install everything we sell and it is just as important to have great service as it is to have great products. Mr. Jules you went above and beyond any vendor we dealt with throughout our entire build. Your customer service and products were top of the line and I will never use anyone else accept for the company you work for. There was never a time I called and you did not answer or call me back in a timely manner and if we had a problem, you would take care of it even if it didn't fall under your normal parameters. So please accept my deepest gratitude for all the amazing work you did during and after normal business hours."

 Michael Otwell (Manager - Teresa's Flooring & Decorating)




"Thank you for our new security system set up. The new cameras work great and we love the peace of mind we have being able to monitor our business from anywhere. We appreciate the hard work and excellent service."

The Performance Cycle Crew




"I am totally and completely pleased with my new phones. There are 4 of us here that use the phones, and they are simple enough for us older types to use, yet full of features that we hope to learn to use. Jules was a delight to work with, and went out of his way to be sure that we were pleased. Thank you Jules for all your hard work."

Lee Edwards (Design Force Interiors Inc.)




"I recently opened my boutique and cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the help I received from Jules and the rest of the staff at J & K.  Jules knew my needs before I did and is always very helpful and available when I need something.  If you are in the market for telecommunications, this is a great choice.  Thanks!"

Chelle Sullivan (Chelle's The Boutique)



"Thank you Jules and Staff for working with us to find a phone system that fit in our budget and fit our needs! As a small Foundation and Museum, we need to grow, but have limited funds. You found us a great fit! We also appreciate how quickly you worked to get it installed and set up. That was quite impressive! I have to say, one other thing that I have personally liked about working with J & K Telecom, LLC, is that I can pick up the phone and call whenever I have a question and I get a quick response from you. Thank you for helping us grow with a great phone system and thank you for your professionalism!"

Patty Mekus, President (Southern Heritage Air Foundation)


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